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Starling Community Services.

2023 Community Report: Believing in Community

on August 14, 2023
Community Report Web Card
2023 Community Report Cover

Dear friends and colleagues,

Having a sense of community is an essential part of well-being, stability, and how we see success in our lives. In a strong community, people feel safe, heard, understood and a strong sense of belonging. We share ideas, perspectives, and talents which allow for collective problem-solving and growth. And we stand alongside one another so we can weather even the most challenging of times with no one left behind. Because that is a true community.

I invite you to take some time to read our 2023 Community Report: Believing in Community as it offers a snapshot of some of our work. It shares some wonderful stories of everyday people showing resilience and reaching their goals despite the pandemic, housing, and mental health crises. And it offers a tribute to a dear friend who had deep faith in our community work and left a lasting legacy so we could continue to build a stronger community.

On behalf of our Board and all of us at Lutherwood, thank you for sharing our common cause of believing in community and for supporting our new vision of building communities where everyone experiences mental wellness, opportunities for employment, a place to call home, and a sense of belonging.


John Colangeli, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

"I was 17, confused and thought I was a lost cause. I became homeless. I heard about Safe Haven's youth shelter, but was skeptical and scared. [But] the staff are extremely friendly and so supportive...I wasn't judged. They showed me how to cook, do a budget, and even helped me with my homework."