Safe Haven Youth Services

Safe Haven Youth Services provides crisis, respite and life launch services to youth between the ages of 12 and up to their 18th birthday living in Waterloo Region.

Our qualified and caring staff help youth develop life skills such as conflict resolution, emotion management and relationship building strategies. We support youth to continue their education and learn about health and wellness, and we connect them to a variety of community-based services to ensure ongoing support.

Based on individual needs and eligibility, supports are also available for family reunification and for securing sustainable housing in the community. Safe Haven Youth Services strives to provide every youth with the resources and support necessary to address their immediate crisis and to build the skills required to prevent reoccurrence.


Crisis Services

Crisis Services offers immediate admission to our shelter on a 24 hour/7 day a week basis to youth that are experiencing a crisis and need a safe place to stay. This program helps prevent further crisis, reduces the risk of homelessness, and provides support to develop a positive resolution so youth return to their home or find an alternative safe place to live. We help youth and their families/guardians find strategies to work through their immediate crisis and connect them to community resources for ongoing support.

Eligible youth are between 12 years of age and up to their 18th birthday and may self-refer or be referred by family, schools, hospitals, police and health and social service agencies.

Respite Services

Respite Services offers parents/caregivers and youth a break by providing short-term temporary care of youth who are experiencing difficulties within their home environments. Pre-planned one- or two-night stays at Safe Haven help reduce the amount of crisis occurring within the home while the youth is on the waitlist for or accessing a treatment program, or while the youth is transitioning home from a treatment or community program. Youth are provided with opportunities to learn positive life and social skills which benefit their wellbeing and relationships at school, in the community and with their family.

Eligible youth are between 12 years of age and up to their 18th birthday and may be referred by health and social service agencies, schools and the family.

Life Launch Services

Life Launch offers shelter and supports to youth who have accessed our Crisis Service and are looking for long term housing. Staff will support youth to develop a housing plan, find suitable housing options and connect them with other resources within the community. Youth will also be supported to develop positive life and social skills to help them successfully live independently.

Youth are eligible for this service from the age of 16 up to their 18th birthday and can access this service through our Crisis Services.

How To Access

Referrals are accepted 24 hours a day by calling 519-749-1450.


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