Community Advisory Committee

Starling Community Services (Formerly Lutherwood) Community Advisory Committee is always looking for parents and community members with your special knowledge and skills. Your interest in youth mental health services, whether as a parent, past client, or concerned community member, means you have something to contribute. Please consider joining us to advocate for better services for our youth and to help evaluate and sustain our current services.

Group of parents talking together

What we are:

  • We are a small and informal group with a direct link to the decision-makers at Lutherwood – or rather they have a direct link to us. They are interested in our opinions about programs, policies, proposed changes, budget and resource allocations and partnerships with other service providers.
  • We are both a focus group and a sounding board.
  • We attend conferences and workshops about youth topics and children’s mental health (on a voluntary basis) to broaden our own awareness and to help put Lutherwood services in context with those of service providers elsewhere.
  • We are free to bring forward our own ideas (no matter how contentious) for discussion with the group and with Lutherwood.We are a voice, given Lutherwood’s backing, with government agencies at the local, regional, provincial and federal levels.
  • We meet monthly (except July and August). Our meetings are comfortably hosted by Lutherwood.

What we aren't:

  • We are not a self-help group for parents of children with special needs.
  • Although we draw heavily on our own experiences, we are not a forum for the personal and family difficulties of our members.
  • We are not involved in fundraising or marketing

Together we can make a difference for today’s youth and for those who follow.

The Lutherwood Community Advisory Committee invites your participation.