Overview of our Services

Starling's Housing Services helps individuals, couples and families link with safe, sustainable housing in Waterloo Region. With a strong focus on eviction prevention and re-housing, we have Housing Staff based virtually, and in person at our Housing Resource Centres (located in Kitchener and Cambridge), local shelters and various community settings to assist you right where you need it.

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How We Help

Lutherwood Housing Services Diagram
Housing Resource Centre Services
  • Virtual and Drop-in Housing support for individuals and families at risk of homelessness or individuals recently homeless.
  • Eviction Prevention Support to prevent housing loss through information, education mediation or financial resources
  • Housing search support to help you self -direct your housing search
  • Administration of Rent Fund for eviction prevention and last month’s rent deposit’s
Shelter Access and Homelessness Prevention for Families
  • Families in Transition (FIT) is the centralized access point in Waterloo Region for families seeking emergency shelter (daytime, weekdays)
  • FIT works with families who are at imminent risk of homelessness to prevent homelessness, refer them to shelter if needed, or rapidly re-house from homelessness
Prioritized Access to Housing and Supports (PATHS)
  • Prioritized Access to Housing Services and Support (PATHS) staff works to end chronic homelessness* in Waterloo Region by helping to get ready to accept housing offers, linking with designated housing units, and transitioning back into housing
Home-Based Support (HBS)
  • Home-Based Support (HBS) staff supports housing stabilization of those housed through PATHS, to avoid future homelessness.
  • Individuals are connected to longer-term social services and supports (i.e. mental health and addiction) and are offered opportunities for increased social and community connections.

* Chronically Homeless is defined as a person experiencing 6 months of homelessness in 12 months or 18 months of homelessness over 36 months.

Safe Haven Youth Services

Starling operates Safe Haven Youth Services, a safe, supportive, and caring place for youth ages 12-18 who need emergency shelter and support, or planned respite care. Youth seeking emergency shelter can access this service 24/7.

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