Services for Employers

Building a diverse and productive team is crucial for organizational success, we can help!

We understand how crucial it is to find, train, and keep the right people for the job, and how costly and time-consuming recruiting and paperwork can be. If you are an employer looking to hire, onboard or train staff, let's talk!

Our no-cost hiring solutions and
financial incentives include:

Recruitment and Skills Matching Support

We connect you with pre-screened candidates of diverse backgrounds and skill sets, based on your needs and the job requirements.

  • Feature your job on our job board to access a diverse pool of applicants
  • Use our meeting spaces to conduct interviews and job fairs

Training Incentives

Funded by the Ontario Government, training incentives offset the initial training costs associated with hiring and retraining new and existing employee. These incentives are accessible to eligible individuals and employers through a number of our employment programs.

  • Strengthen your team with funding from the Canada Ontario Job Grant (COJG), which provides up to $10,000 per employee in Government support to train new and existing staff
  • Subsidized job trials and placements to offset the cost of training new employees through a variety of our employment programs


We support you in navigating the apprenticeship process. We can connect you to financial incentives for registration and sponsorship and provide information on tax credits and subsidies.

Downsizing and Closure Services (Outplacement)

We provide the assistance necessary to help individuals affected by permanent layoffs and closures prepare for their upcoming job search.

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