Emergency Department Diversion Team (EDDT)

To alleviate pressure on local hospitals, Emergency Department Diversion provides an urgent community response to children, youth (6-18 years) and their families who present to Regional Emergency Departments for mental health-related concerns but do not require hospital-based assessment or stabilization.

The child or youth will meet with a Community Mental Health Worker and/or a Clinician who will access their needs and provide short term intervention focused on safety and stability. The Community Mental Health Worker will help the child and family plan for next steps, which may include other community supports or respite through Safe Haven Youth Services, if needed.

The service is designed to be up to 1 month in length.

How to Access

This program is accessed through hospital emergency departments, including:

  • Grand River Hospital ER and EAU
  • Cambridge Memorial Hospital
  • Guelph General Hospital
  • Groves Memorial Community Hospital
  • Louise Marshall Hospital
  • Wellington Health Care Alliance – Palmerston and District Hospital

In partnership with:

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