I’ve been homeless for a long time and need help

IN CRISIS OR NEED MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT? Call Here 24/7: 1-844-437-3247 www.here247.ca

If you are experiencing chronic homelessness, our PATHS staff will work with you to help you get ready to receive housing offers, and to prioritize you for matching to housing and supports. (Please note this is not emergency or urgent housing).

If you need Emergency Shelter, please click here.

To make a referral or to identify if you are PATHS eligible, please e-mail paths@lutherwood.ca or call our telephone line at 519-749-2450 and the call will be Triaged accordingly.

How we help

PATHS2Home is a Housing First Service for individuals experiencing Chronic Homelessness in Waterloo Region who have a greater depth of need. Individuals are helped to access housing and then provided the support to maintain housing, through a team- based approach.

Prioritized Access to Housing Support (PATHS)

First, you will meet with a member of our PATHS team to determine your eligibility and create a plan for getting housed. Next, we will prioritize and match you to housing units as they become available, ensuring you have the necessary documents to secure housing, and accompanying you to viewings.

Home-Based Services (HBS)

Once housed, our Home-Based Service (HBS) team will work with you in your home to help you keep your housing, provide referrals to longer term social services and supports, and will offer opportunities for increased social and community connections.

The PATHS2Home teams works in collaboration with our local housing stability system partners, community services and organizations, and other systems of care.