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Why December is a Hot Month for Job Searching

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While there are many holidays and celebrations keeping people busy this month, like Hannukah, Winter Solstice, Christmas and Kwanza, this is not the time to turn down the heat in your job search. Studies have shown that although the number of postings may slow down through the month of December, this can still be a great time of year to look for work.

More Networking Opportunities -
This time of year often comes with many Networking Opportunities, as people are getting together to celebrate the holidays. While meeting with people in these in-person or virtual events, try to find a way to learn more about their career. It doesn’t have to be a formal informational interview, but people may have more time in their schedule to facilitate these conversations. Doing research beforehand can be a great way to develop a relationship, which can lead to this contact connecting you with other people in your field or recommending you for internal positions within their company.

Hiring for the New Year -
Some companies may have already finalized their business planning and budgeting for the current year and know what positions they need for the coming year. They may begin their recruitment for the right candidate during December so that they can provide an offer of employment to the right candidate quickly. That way, a new candidate can start going through their hiring and onboarding policies while the company is slower and many people are on vacation, so they can be ready to go when the team reconvenes in the New Year.

Other Job Hunters May be Taking a Break -
Because people may have put off the idea of looking for work into the new year, there may be less competition in December. This can be particularly helpful for people who are looking to make a change in careers or may not have all the desired qualifications that an employer is looking for who may see 500+ candidates at other points in the year. The reduced competition numbers increase the chances for an employer to review your application outside of their reliance on applicant tracking system scanning software.

For the employers who are just as eager to hire as you are to begin your next career, continuing to send out your applications now will help ensure that you can cross off one of your News Year’s Resolutions before it even begins.

Our Lutherwood Employment sites will remain open throughout the month of December to offer ongoing support to individuals who are looking for work. Book an appointment with us today!

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