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Take a Chance to Say Thanks

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As we all celebrate fall holidays and special events like Thanksgiving and Diwali, we can also take this time to check in with the people in our network. Starting a conversation can be a challenge, as many people don’t know where to start or what to say. Here are few ideas to help you get started:

Share a Connection:
Let the person know that you were recently thinking back fondly on a memory you shared, which led to you sending them and their family a quick “wishing you all the best at this time.” Ensuring that the message is personalized with a memory will make it feel well intended and easily open the lines of communication for additional conversation.

Look at their Social Media Profile(s): If the person has posted something recently that caught your attention, comment on the post. If you’re looking for a more intentional and ongoing conversation, it’s best to connect via a private message or email. You can still mention your shared interest you noticed recently online.

Share Something Personal, Positive or Interesting: Think of one or two recent achievements or new resources you’ve found on a common interest that you both have. Sharing this is a great way for the person to respond with their own recent positive achievements/moments/resources and it gives you an opportunity to commend them and continue the interaction.

Ask for Action: End an email saying that you hope to hear from them soon and leave them with your current contact information. Hopefully this will lead to arranging a virtual or in-person chance to connect for a longer update. You can use that opportunity to ask for referrals or introductions to people that they know at companies you wish to work for. These types of asks and action may feel uncomfortable, but you’ll be surprised that people are more receptive to this than you’d think!

It can be a lot to balance messaging everyone on your contact list while focusing on your job search. However, even sending out a more manageable 1-2 messages per week will increase the number of people who are helping you to find your next career adventure. Remember, these messages are intended to facilitate a 2-way communication. You don’t need to write a novel. It’s ok if it’s a few short sentences that lead to a longer discussion by phone or meeting someone for coffee!

Lutherwood Employment Services is here to help you practice by setting up an in-person meeting or virtual coffee date. Come by our office to start the conversation on how we can help you refuel the connections you have, and source out new connections that may help you find work.

"Getting arrested was the lowest time in my life. Lutherwood helped me get my life on track, appreciate what I have and be responsible for my life."