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Up Your Skills to up Your Game with Micro-Credentials

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Is your job search going nowhere? Do you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels? It can be a lonely, exhausting, and disappointing venture to spend hours on the computer madly applying for jobs without getting a positive response or invitations for an interview.

When I connect with someone who is looking for work that shares this experience, I first look at what we can do for them, which usually involves a quick scan to see if they have all the skills that employers may be looking for in their field. We start by doing a comparison between a few of the postings that they’ve recently applied to, and the application documents that they’ve submitted.

When doing this, if we identify specific courses, trainings, or skills that a candidate may be lacking, this is where I show them the tricks of my trade game to offer recommendations to various micro-credentials and short-term training options.

Short-term training courses can be a good way to get the skills that you need to match employer wish lists from their job postings. Here are a few of my favourite sources to recommend:

LinkedIn Learning


Google Digital Garage

Lutherwood also has a Virtual Resource Centre with training options on resumes, cover letters, and interview resources that can be a great way to help you perfect the game of job searching.

Everyone needs a TedTalk every once and a while to feel inspired, and these courses offer just that. There are a range of options on technical skills such as learning how to use Excel or other Microsoft Office programs, refining your invoicing and accounting skills on QuickBooks, knowing the best methodologies in Project Management, and much more. Reach out to us to explore how we can help you build and develop the strategies you need to win the game in checking off all the boxes on your next employer’s application checklist!

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