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The Power of a Thank You

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A simple thank you can be a powerful tool, both in times when we feel we are thriving, and when we’re stressed. Since paying attention to what we are thankful for helps us attune to feelings of wellbeing, it can also help us to refocus on what is working well and can help us navigate in the future. Here are some ways thank yous can be beneficial in working environments:

While at Work

Expressing gratitude at work can strengthen your relationships and your working style. Knowing what works for you, and what works for your team can allow for an easier flow of communication. Thanking each other for what’s going well can be an easy in-the-moment way of acknowledging this, or a great way to follow-up after a project or event. Similarly, sharing positive feedback you’ve received from clients or community with your team can help both with direction, and deepening relationships.

And importantly — make sure to hold onto the thanks you receive! Taking a screenshot or writing down helpful thank yous can help remind you of your strengths and what works well in your relationships. While you’re at it, thank yourself too.

While Job Seeking

Following an interview, it’s good practice to send a follow-up thank you email. This helps continue the relationship between you and a potential future employer, allowing them to get to know you a bit more, your communication style, and why you’re a good fit for their team.

"I started to harm myself and even attempted to take my life. I hit rock bottom. My Lutherwood counsellor was different – she listened. Once I realized that she truly cared, I began to trust and open up to her.”