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Managing Stress in the Workplace

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April is National Stress Awareness month in Canada, a good time to take inventory of our stress management tools and supports to help alleviate some of its negative impacts. Here are some tips for managing stress in the workplace.

Take space for yourself before your workday begins.

If you can, create a routine of setting aside some time for yourself before your work starts. Checking-in on nutrition, rest, and mood can assist with reducing overall stress throughout your time at work.

Get clarity on expectations.

Being unsure of or having changing requirements in your position is known to contribute to stress in the workplace. If you’re feeling as though you’re in a place of uncertainty, it may be helpful to reach out for clarity and/or goal setting strategies.

Try single tasking.

Multitasking can lead to feelings of overwhelm, and splitting focus does not work for everyone. “Chunking,” is an alternative strategy when you have several things to accomplish in a day. It involves setting aside chunks of time to accomplish each task, while “minimizing interruptions, and grouping similar tasks together.” [1]

Take movement breaks.

Physical activity has many benefits including stress management. Explore what this can look like throughout your day, whether it’s taking a walk, gentle stretches, dancing or shaking it out.

Accept you did your best and celebrate it.

Remind yourself that you are human, and not all days may be as focused or productive as you had hoped. On good and bad days, find ways to congratulate yourself for doing your best.

[1]Single-Tasking for Productivity and Stress Management (

"Having suffered from a serious mental illness most of my life, I feel the need to give back to those that suffer from similar hardship and struggles; especially the kids in our community. I appreciate being given the opportunity to support children's mental health initiatives like Steps for Kids."