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Josh’s Story: Finding the Right Fit

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Finding work was never a problem for Josh, he always received call-backs and was offered many positions. His real challenge lay not in securing jobs but in maintaining them. With a mental health condition that triggers anxiety in high-stress situations, Josh's professional journey became a complex maze, forcing him to navigate roles that didn’t align with his strengths. This led him to give up and walk away from dozens of jobs.

Eventually seeking guidance, Josh turned to Lutherwood. He and his Employment Consultant embarked on a journey to uncover his true capabilities and passions, crafting a roadmap that reflected his strengths and weaknesses. He used this document when he visited Lutherwood's online job board, ensuring he applied only for roles that resonated with the strengths he had identified.

Success wasn’t immediate, but his Employment Consultant persisted in finding the perfect fit, connecting with employers, visiting workplaces, and championing his success.

“It’s like having a sports coach,” says Josh. “It’s not that you can’t play the sport, it is just extra assistance and support.”

In time, Josh found his balance– multiple part-time jobs with slower-paced, shorter shifts allow him to perform at his best. He currently works in a university kitchen and provides custodial work for a dry-cleaning business once a week. In addition, he finds genuine joy in working with seniors, assisting them with their outdoor needs like landscaping, raking leaves, and shoveling snow, all of which help him stay physically fit.

“Working what I can handle is therapeutic to me.” Josh reflects. “When I can provide work that I’m good at, I’m helping them, but I’m also helping me.”

As a recent newlywed - stability holds greater significance for Josh than ever before. He takes pride in providing for himself, his wife, and their dog, ensuring they can comfortably afford rent for their apartment.

When challenges arise at work, Josh has learned the art of perseverance and problem-solving before considering walking away. He also knows that his Employment Consultant continues to champion his success, always ready to listen and offer support.

Josh wants other job seekers to know that services like Lutherwood can help in not only finding but also maintaining employment. “There is something out there for you,” he concludes. “Do your best to find what works for you, and don’t give up.”

"I don’t think I’d have a place to call home right now if it was not for the support I received from Lutherwood’s PATHS2Home Program.”