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Interview Tips for Introverts

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Have you ever frozen in an interview? The process can be daunting for everyone, including those of us that prefer lower-stimulation environments. Traditional interview processes can seem set up for extroverts, as Western working culture celebrates individuals for their charisma and talkative nature.

Sometimes, an open-ended question that can seem so simple can knock us out of our confidence, especially if we’re out of our comfort zone to begin with. So, what are some ways to prepare for expressing ourselves in an environment that could potentially cause some discomfort?

Take Time for Yourself

Interview prep can help build confidence, but it’s important to make sure your time works for you! After doing some research on the organization and position to help develop your talking points, pick 3-5 stories that you feel confident sharing. Try focusing on stories that demonstrate your skills, relationships, how you navigate challenges, and anything you believe important to the role. If it’s helpful, write them down and bring your points with you to turn to in moments of overwhelm.


Take space to breathe, clear your mind, visualize what the interview will look like, and how it will feel to share your responses. What will it look like to be in this new position? You don’t have to know the answers, but it can be helpful to ground yourself by visualizing the future you want.

Walk Through your Thoughts

Sometimes when we prefer quieter environments and self-reflection, it can be challenging to share our approach or how we would respond to a specific work situation — something an interviewer may be looking to know. It can be helpful to take a pause or a breath if you need it or write down some initial thoughts with a pen and paper. When you are confident, walk through your steps.

Remember that it’s great to be you.

It’s okay to be yourself in the process and take learning opportunities as they come. Eventually, they will guide you towards the right fit.

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