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The Benefits of Inclusive Hiring Practices

Benefits of inclusive hiring practicies lutherwood blog post

Hiring and training are without a doubt some of the most expensive parts of growing a business. From taking time out of your daily tasks to monitor applications, to screening tens, sometimes hundreds of applicants for a single position, to taking the time to actually conduct the interview… You as a business owner or manager are investing a lot into your next employee.

What if I told you that there were a few practices that you could employ, that would help you to increase the likelihood of finding long-term, solid candidates for these roles? Practices that are grounded in cold-hard facts, practices that have been successfully employed by businesses and organizations all across Canada, and practices that are truly geared towards the long-term success of your business?

I’m talking about inclusive workspaces, and inclusive hiring practices.

Having inclusive hiring practices means that you are accessing a large network of job seekers that are eager, motivated, loyal, and ultimately job seekers that take pride in their work. According to “The Diversity & Inclusion Revolution” by Juliette Bourke and Bernadette Dillon, businesses that have inclusive cultures are:

  • Twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets
  • Three times as likely to be high performing
  • Six times more likely to be innovative and agile
  • Eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes

When it comes to your business, it pays dividends to invest in your workforce. Reach out to a Lutherwood Employment Consultant or Employment Specialist to learn more about how you can embrace the benefits of being an inclusive workplace.

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