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Will Indeed Find Me a Job?

Welcome To 75
Welcome To 75

Indeed is one of the most popular online job boards. It has a strong reputation of being a “go to” resource for job seekers to find work, so naturally employers have followed.

However, there may be pitfalls in using job boards. Most notably, your resume isn’t going to the inbox of the employer. Instead, you’re relying on someone to receive notifications and, if these haven’t been muted, to look at your resume.

Another common pitfall we hear from employers is that the candidate profiles for resumes don’t provide information in a desirable format. Often profiles list skills at the bottom, which is what many employers rely on to quickly scan applications to determine the suitability of a candidate.

How do you solve this? One of the best steps to take is to apply on the employer site directly with a Word formatted version of your resume. This requires creating an account and responding to application specific questions, but these steps help employers know that you’re seriously interested in their job.

Knowing that employers can receive over 500 submissions for a single available position, going to their site directly can dramatically reduce the competition you’ll face for that one opening. In addition, we have Employment Consultants on staff who can reach out to these employers to offer supports to hire and train you!

If you’re not connected to our programs, give us a call for help! We can work on revising your Indeed profile to showcase your skills and share other job search tactics if you want to try something new!

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