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When to Offer Your References

When To Offer Your References

If you think of your resume as a Real Estate listing, you want to be strategic about the zones that you authorize to get the best “bang for your buck”, or responses from employers. Using outdated phrases such as “references available upon request” can bore the Hiring Managers that you’re hoping to impress into an interview.

On the other hand, it can be confusing for your references to get a call about your suitability for a position before you have the chance to impress the Hiring Manager yourself. You don’t want your reference to be caught off guard by having someone asking about you before you’ve recently talked with them about the job you applied for.

The short version of a long story is that you should save your references for the interview. Whether the employer asks for the list or not, it’s best practice to come prepared with a printed document of your references to the interview.

When you list the references, ensure that the overall formatting is consistent to your resume and shares the names of people in a style such as:

Name of person
Job Title
City, Province
Best method of contact – phone or email: ask your reference their preference
Secondary method of contact (if applicable)
Status and length of relationship to you

If you’re not able to print a copy of your reference list because the libraries and/or Lutherwood offices are closed due to COVID-19 physical distancing, ask if you can provide a follow-up in an email. This is a good chance to get the business card of the person that you’re meeting with so you can also send a thank you and follow up email to remind them about all the great skills that you have to offer.

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