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What Employers Need Right Now – Part 1

Welcome To 49
Welcome To 49

During the pandemic, many companies adopted a remote work model. While some businesses are now returning to on-site work, many are choosing a hybrid model, combining work from home with in-office days. The last year and a half has shown that skills required before the pandemic are not necessarily those that are in the forefront now. Technical skills and soft/human skills are critical in today’s labour market.

Businesses are emphasizing the following skills for new and existing employees:

  1. Employers want individuals who are invested in professional growth. Change happens quickly, and those not open to continuous learning may find it challenging to keep up. Platforms like Udemy and LinkedIn offer a multitude of opportunities to build new skills, some resulting in a certificate, which can be an asset for the resume!
  2. Businesses have embraced diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and want employees to do the same. Accepting and understanding each other and having conversations about inclusiveness in the workplace are essential to work culture in companies.
  3. Collaboration and transparency are essential in the new work models that continue to evolve. Being open to working across teams and on a variety of projects is important. Expressing one’s own needs in the workplace is also a key skill for team efficacy.
  4. Creativity, resiliency and a solution focused approach are paramount in times of change. Employers need individuals who look at new ways of doing business, tackling problems and effectively sharing these insights and ideas with others.
  5. Businesses also need individuals who are committed to understanding and managing change. The ability to adapt to new technologies and business philosophies now and in the future are essential. Appreciating the impact of change on each other and the business is seen as a valuable ability.
  6. Technology has advanced significantly over the past few years and especially during the pandemic. Knowledge of social media and how it works are an asset and should be highlighted on your resume. Digital media has progressed beyond Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter but there are resources available to enhance your social media savvy. Learning these new tools speaks strongly to your interest in continuous learning.

As a reminder, employers are also going through transitions, and sometimes they don’t know what they truly need until it is presented to them. It is good to be prepared and anticipate their needs in this ever-evolving world of work.

Stayed tuned for part 2 of this blog which will continue to define what employers need now and what they are looking for in new employees. Focus will be the human skills, traits and personalities.
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