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Tips for Working From Home

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Welcome To 1

We know that during the pandemic many employers moved the recruitment process online, and that even after public health restrictions are lifted, work-from-home options may continue to be available. While there are pros and cons to remote work, here are some ideas to increase your comfort level and productivity within this new reality. These tips can also create good habits for job searching and may even support jumping into a new job that much faster.

  1. Mimic the commute. It’s important to get a sense that you’ve left home and to repeat something to help you “check in” at home again. You can do this by taking a quick walk around the block, listening to music, or packing up your workstation and supplies. It may be beneficial to have a log off reminder set up on your computer or phone since you won’t hear the “good night” greetings echo down the hallways at the end of the day, prompting you to check the clock.
  2. Focus on the set up. Depending on the space you have available you may not be able to have a dedicated home office, but it’s still important to ensure that the lighting, workstation height, and chair work for your needs. It’s also good practice to stretch frequently to avoid remaining in the same position for extended periods. Refill your coffee cup or do a loop around the room when you go to the printer. Take a break from holding a phone or looking at a computer monitor!
  3. Stay Connected! Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or make a video call to engage with someone. It’s just like running down the hall to ask a question and provides an opportunity for you to stay in the loop with the relationships you have within the team. Some teams may have scheduled social visits but it’s equally important to keep the casual conversations going too! The bonus of video calls is you can share screens to show things you’re working on, just like you would have done when in the office together. However, you’ll also want to let people know when you’re not available and can modify your notifications to avoid being tempted by distractions if you need to focus on a task.

    Look for ways to maintain a “normal” schedule and routine, and how implementing these ideas into your job search will make the transition to your next role a bit easier. You may start to see some positive changes that your team can continue even after the pandemic has come to an end.
"Change does not come easily or immediately for our youth. But there is nothing more gratifying than to see them months and years later and hear the positive impact we had on their lives."