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Social Media Brand: What’s your Job Search Label

Welcome To 18
Welcome To 18

When you’re applying for work it’s important to demonstrate consistency. This starts with your resume and cover letter, which will carry on into your interview…. but employers can discover information through social media profiles that may impact their perception about your professional image, branding and suitability for a position. Social media profiles can include professional networking sites like LinkedIn or other platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Web based tools like Google have given employers easily access to a range of results that may help them connect your name to different social media profiles. Therefore, it’s important to look at the security tools or privacy settings on your account to be mindful on what type of image you’re projecting to a prospective employer.

Here are a few quick tips to consider:

  • Link to people on LinkedIn: this is a great tool to explore how others have established a name and image for themselves. You can review profiles to create a list of things that you like and don’t like to see, which you can transfer into your own profile. Be sure to interject your own style instead of directly copying information from others though.
  • Create a cover story that is visible to others: this is a great way to show your technical skills and bring to life some of the information that you’re likely to communicate in your resume or cover letters.
  • Know your industry: use Google and other search tools to your advantage to find groups or networks where you can interact with others. This will help you build relationships with people in your field to possibly gain recommendations into suitable careers.
  • Follow companies on social media sites: not only does this help you get alerts when new positions are posted, but it can increase your awareness of the jargon and communication style used in these fields.
  • Post regularly: think of meaningful content that others might be interested in, which will also show that you’re trying to stay current in your field. Employers are big on professional development, as they understand many jobs have been impacted due to COVID related layoffs.

    Have you ever tried to run a Google search on yourself? If you’re a job seeker, I’d encourage you to do it. And if you’re feeling lost on where to start to create a positive social media brand for yourself, reach out to us for help!
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