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Lutherwood Employment Launches Refer a Friend Program

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We are encouraging current and past clients of Lutherwood’s Employment Services to refer a friend, family member, or even a neighbour to access our free services for job seekers. And to show our appreciation, we will enter you, along with the person you referred, into a draw for a chance to win. The referred client must attend their first appointment and register for our services in order to receive a ballot to enter both of you into the draw.

How to Enter:

  • Refer someone you know who is looking for work or training. Be sure that they mention your name as the individual who referred them.
  • Once they show up for their first appointment and register with us, they will receive a link to the ballot.
  • They must complete the ballot within 10 days of the date of their first appointment, in order to be entered into the bi-weekly draw. Both of your names will be entered into the bi-weekly draw if the ballot is received within the 10 day period.
  • If the 10 day deadline is missed, your ballots will still be entered into the final draw.
  • The more referrals you make, the more ballots you have in the draws, and the better your chances of winning in both the bi-weekly draw and in the final draw.
  • You have two chances to win – In a bi-weekly draw and in the final draw.


The “Refer A Friend” Campaign will begin on October 25th, 2021, and end on January 14th , 2022.

Bi-weekly draws will occur the following Monday of each 2 week time period. The final draw will occur on Monday, January 24, 2022.

Draw Dates:

There will be six bi-weekly draws for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card (Walmart or Petro Canada) and your ballot will be entered in the two-week period that the referred individual’s registration date falls within. Names will be entered numerically based on the date the ballot is submitted. We will use a computerized random Draw Generator to select the number of the winning participant. Dates for the Bi-Weekly Draw will take place on the following Monday of a 2 week period, as follows:

  • Draw #1 - Monday, November 8, 2021 (For New Clients Registered between Oct. 25/21 - Nov. 5/21)
  • Draw #2 - Monday, November 22, 2021 (For New Clients Registered between Nov. 8/21- Nov. 20/21)
  • Draw #3 - Monday, December 6, 2021 (For New Clients Registered between Nov. 22/21 - Dec. 3/21)
  • Draw #4 - Monday, December 20/21 (For New Clients Registered between Dec. 6/21 - Dec. 17/21)
  • Draw #5 - Tuesday, January 4, 2022* (For New Clients Registered between Dec. 20/21 - Dec. 31/21)
  • Draw #6 - Monday, January 17, 2022 (For New Clients Registered between Jan. 3/22 - Jan. 14/22)

The Final Draw will be for a chance to win a $200 Visa Gift Card and will take place on Monday, January 24th, 2022.

"I used to blame my circumstances for who I am. Lutherwood helped me realize I have choices and then I became responsible for my life. I would be a different person today if I hadn't gone to Lutherwood and I will always be grateful."