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Following up on Applications

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As employers shifted to virtual operations through the pandemic, their preference has been for people to apply for jobs online. However, this has diminished the personal touch that can go along with following up on applications.

Putting in additional effort to show an employer you’re interested in their job can have a positive impact. It shows an awareness of the jobs you’re applying for and that you’re not just eagerly pressing submit through a job board. It gives them a signal that you’re truly interested in the work they do. Here are some ideas on what following up on your application can look like:

  • Give them a call. You may be faced with an automated phone system, but if you can get through to Reception, ask if they can patch you through.
  • Connect with people on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great networking tool where you can research employers or send messages to individuals who have posted jobs. Those messages can be additional ways to sell yourself beyond a cover letter or application blurb that you’ve included with your resume. You can also see if you have any connections working at that company who may be able to take your resume to the HR team.
  • Ask an Employment Consultant for help. Our Employment Staff teams are well connected to a variety of local employers and can reach out to those you’ve applied to. This can be a great way to have your resume highlighted and stand out from the crowd.

    Some employers are also doing “parking lot” job fairs, which may be another channel to connect with them. Let us help you research the companies you want to work for and create a plan together to help you get hired in your top choice roles!
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