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FASD Support Groups Offer a Safe Space

on August 24, 2021
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The Waterloo Region FASD Action Group is pleased to announce that the Parent/Caregiver FASD Support Group and the Virtual Support Group for Adolescents with FASD will both resume this fall with funding from Health Nexus and the support of Lutherwood.

Community-based support groups for individuals and families that are affected FASD are intended to bring people together to share their knowledge and experience with one another. Groups are co-facilitated by individuals with lived experience and a service provider that is responsible for highlighting local supports/resources.

Much of the benefit of support groups comes from the sharing of personal stories with others who are going through similar circumstances, and who understand in ways that others simply can’t. People benefit from realizing that they are not alone, and they can learn from the hope, strength, and strategies discussed through personal stories. A support group for many people experiencing FASD provides a safe place where they finally feel understood, and where taboo subjects and uncomfortable stories can be shared. Support groups have been very well received within the FASD community.

To register for a session, please contact Rob MacDonald at 519-749-2932 ext. 3336 or

"We really are fortunate. Thanks to Lutherwood, we now have a two-bedroom apartment close to the school, groceries, and bus. My son and daughter are healthy and safe, we have our pets and we are all together."