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Professional Email Addresses and your Job Search

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In recent years, email has vastly grown as a necessary requirement for job searching. An employer may use your email to send you a personality assessment to complete, confirm the details of your interview, or request additional documents such as your reference list. You may also use your email address to submit a resume and/or cover letter or a thank you letter after being at an interview to an employer directly.

Regardless of the reason for an employer to send you an email, you don’t want your email address to appear unprofessional. Start off with something easy to remember, and try to avoid putting numbers, like the year that you were born, in your email address to limit how much information an employer has about you. Instead try to use some variation of your name to set up your email whenever possible.

There are many email providers where you can easily sign up for more than one account so you can separate your communications for personal and professional messages accordingly. By having an account that is strictly used for professional and/or job search activities, you’ll also avoid forgetting to follow up on any emails or communications that happen when you’re focused on a non-job searching task. By having a second account you can also send a professional test email to your personal account to ensure that it reads exactly as you want it to.

Finally, it’s good to remember that emails need to be just as professional as any formal written document. Try to maintain a professional etiquette and appropriate grammar to continue developing a positive impression with the employer.

Need help creating an email account or drafting an email application? Call us or check out A Lutherwood staff member would be happy to help you.

"As a newcomer, I encourage other newcomers not to be scared by job searching and to ask Lutherwood for help. There is no reason you cannot get a job if you work hard, are confident, and show your talents."