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Making a Good First Impression

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Studies show that within just 30 seconds someone will know whether they think they’ll want to hire you. It’s true that a first impression can be hard to change, but by following a few quick tips we’ll be able to help you create a solid first impression that will leave the desired results that you’re looking for!

Be polite to the Receptionist, or whoever is there to greet you at the front door. If this person is taking a call or talking with someone, try to allow them time to finish this instead of hovering over the desk or slipping them a note. Chances are the employer may ask them their first impressions of you.

Come prepared in knowing who you will meet so that they can easily direct you to where you’ll need to be. This can be especially helpful to make sure that it doesn’t look like you arrived late for the interview.

Avoid browsing through your phone. You don’t want to be in the middle of replying to a message or reviewing other job leads when an employer comes in to greet you. This is something that the Receptionist may be taking note of. Also, if you have your phone with you, make sure it’s on mute before you go in for the interview.

If you’re attending a group interview, this can be a good time to spark up a conversation with the people around you. Try to get some details on what they bring so that you may have something in common to continue talking about when you both attend orientation or have something else to follow up on after you leave the interview. Again, your ability to strike up conversations with people that you’re not familiar with is something that the employer may be watching from the moment that you come in.

Dress appropriately. Wear something comfortable for the season that we’re in that isn’t too revealing and looks clean. Think about what you may logically wear to work and try to plan something that is suited to the typical dress code there. This could mean wearing a pair of steel toe boots if you’re being interviewed for general labour, and lets you get away with keeping your 3-piece suit in the closet if it’s more of a business casual setting.

As always, if you are looking for more tips on how to make a great first impression, give us a call or visit and a Lutherwood staff member would be happy to help!

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