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Free (or almost free) Mental Health Apps - Depression

Phone Apps
Phone Apps

As technology and openness about mental health struggles have grown over the past several years, many companies have discovered a wonderful way for the two to work together. Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days, which means they have a potential tool to help them right in the palm of their hand.

Here is a list of 6 depression apps you can download from the Apple or Play stores on your phone for free (or for a couple of dollars) that come highly recommended by our Children’s Mental Health Centre professional staff.

1) MoodPath - Free – This app helps track depressive symptoms for you to take to your doctor to assist with a possible diagnosis and accessing help.
2) What’s Up? – Free – What’s Up utilizes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you cope with stress, anxiety, depression, track habits and feelings, learn breathing techniques, interact in forums and more!
3) Happify – Free (with subscription option) - Science-based daily activities and games to reduce stress, overcome negative thoughts and more, complete with goal/progress trackers!
4) Daylio: Mood Tracker – Free – A daily mood tracker diary using emoji faces to get a visual of your progress from daily to yearly, including activities and statistics. 5)Youper: Emotional Health – Free – An Artificial Intelligence (AI) emotional health assistant, have quick conversations to help change your mood, journal, track your mood and habits, meditate and more!
6) Depression CBT Self-Help Guide – Free – CBT-based self-help depression app that helps you monitor the severity of your depression, read articles, listen to helpful audio, track your progress and get helpful tips.

These apps are a great start to helping your youth on a day to day basis. If they require more immediate professional assistance, the professionals at Front Door are always available to help.

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