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Starling Community Services.

2019 Community Report: One Step at a Time

on July 31, 2019
Community Report Cover Photo
Community Report Cover

Welcome to this year’s Community Report. Our theme One Step at a Time centres around celebrating the positive impact we have on the community and learning to be mindful, aware and adaptive to future challenges as they come our way.

While we are operating in an uncertain political climate, we continue to support our clients, look for opportunities to partner, adapt to our circumstances and grow as individuals and as an organization. We strive to learn from our clients as they conquer the adversities that come with mental illness, housing and employment challenges to appreciate the present and look optimistically towards our united futures.

We are proud to look back on the tangible success stories and community impacts that we have achieved together with you: our donors, community partners, funders, volunteers and staff. So, within these pages we have compiled some highlights to share with you. It takes a community to grow as a community, and it’s your support that keeps us on track to succeeding in our vision: Communities where all children, youth, adults and families experience mental wellness, financial stability and a safe place to live.

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do, and I hope you enjoy our 2019 Community Report: One Step at a Time.

Yours very truly,

Dr. John Colangeli

"My life has been completely turned around since finding Lutherwood. They have given me so much more than a safe place to stay. A lot of people pulled together to help me, and I am so grateful."