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Read our 2017 Community Report: Support for the Future

on July 21, 2017
Community Report
Community Report 2017 Cover
Click here to read our 2017 Community Report: Support for the Future

Each year, we take pride in publishing our Community Report because it offers you a glimpse of what we have accomplished thanks to your support.

Delivering excellent services is not an end; it is a beginning. When people ask for help, they are asking for more than a service – they are asking for skills, knowledge and a plan to achieve their goals. When a youth is struggling with mental illness, an individual cannot find meaningful work, or a family needs a safe and affordable home, they cannot accept anything less than results. That is why we are always striving to do better. That is why we are adapting our services to the evolving needs of our increasingly diverse community. And that is why we look beyond the delivery of services to focus on achieving results that really matter.

Each year, clients tell us how happy they are that we helped them achieve their goals. And it is a privilege to share their stories with you – our donors, community partners, funders and volunteers – so that you can see how your support helps strengthen lives right here in your community.

So thank you for all your support and enjoy our 2017 Community Report entitled Support for the Future.

Read it here.

Yours very truly,

Dr. John Colangeli

"I taught students with special needs for a third of my career. Back then we didn't have the resources to support them. I wanted to change that. Giving back to my community through Lutherwood has been fulfilling and it has given me purpose."