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Swing for the Fences! And Knock that Interview out of the Park

Baseball Field

Baseball season is well underway, what’s better than a baseball analogy for interviewing?

So, let’s knock this one out of the park.

Everyone gets a little nervous or even scared before a big interview, similar to how a batter may feel as they step up to the plate.

Some of the best batters in the MLB have averages around 0.3. That’s a failing percentage. The best batters in the world strikeout more than cranking home runs.

Yet, batters never give up when they miss one or two because they know that failing is a part of the game.

Just like interviewing, getting interviews is like making a connection with the ball. The hit can help get you to first base. Striking out is simply not getting a call back.

The important thing to take from this, is that everyone strikes out from time to time. It is important to always go to the plate swinging for the fences.

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