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Starling Community Services.

Trauma Informed Parenting Workshop

We are offering an educational workshop at Front Door for parents/caregivers of children and youth who have experienced and been impacted by trauma. This is an educational workshop with the objective of assisting participants in understanding and parenting their child from a trauma-informed perspective. In this workshop parents will learn:

  • What trauma is
  • What sorts of events can trigger a traumatic reaction
  • What are symptoms of trauma
  • The impact of trauma on children (physical, emotional behavioural, cognitively and their worldview) and families
  • How to understand their children’s behaviour from a trauma-informed perspective
  • How to create safety (physical, psychological, social and moral safety) for their children and themselves
  • Emotion management/coping/relaxation strategies for parents to teach their children to help them cope with their feelings
  • How to promote their children’s resiliency and increase protective factors
  • What the established effective treatments are for trauma (traditional and alternative therapies)

Participants attend one of the following dates and will leave the workshop with a tool kit of resources to support their learning.

Upcoming Dates:

September 28th @ 6-8pm 

Location: 1770 King St. East, Suite 5, Kitchener 


November 23rd @ 6-8pm

Location: 1770 King St, East, Suite 5, Kitchener


October 29th @ 6-8pm

Location: 35 Dickson St, Cambridge 

To Register: Call Front Door 519-749-2932 and press 2 to speak with reception

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