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80 People Attend Implementation Symposium

Waterloo - Yesterday, Lutherwood’s Institute for Children and Youth Mental Health, in partnership with the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, held its second symposium in front of about 80 people representing children’s mental health agencies across Ontario.

The topic of helping leaders implement programs and large scale changes in a children’s mental health organization was well timed as so many agencies prepare for the Moving on Mental Health transformation initiated by the Ministry of Child and Youth Mental Health.

Keynote speaker Dr. Michelle Duda, took her implementation research and made it relevant to the audience. The panelists representing peer agencies from across Ontario freely shared their implementation successes, struggles and solutions. In the afternoon workshops, participants shared their implementation experiences, brainstormed ideas and built their networks. The day concluded with the Centre of Excellence presenting resources tthat are available to children’s mental health agencies.

The information presented at the symposium is posted on our website.

"I used to blame my circumstances for who I am. Lutherwood helped me realize I have choices and then I became responsible for my life. I would be a different person today if I hadn't gone to Lutherwood and I will always be grateful."