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RBC Supports Mental Health Video Series

November 2, 2012 - Children's Mental Health is a pillar of RBC's community giving. So they partnered with Lutherwood to produce a five part mini video series to introduce the topic of Children's Mental Health.

Originally intended as a tool to inform and engage their more than 3,000 employees across Ontario South West in the RBC Children’s Mental Health Project, RBC Foundation created a series of short videos using Lutherwood's experts. They filmed and produced five short videos and posted one each day of the week to promote children's mental health in early October, 2012.

The 3-4 minute videos were very successful and helped to:

  • introduce the topic of children's mental health
  • help parents identify common symptoms of mental health problems
  • identify resources available to parents for support
  • help reduce the stigma around children's mental health

We encourage you to view them:

What is Children's Mental Health

What if My Child is Struggling with Mental Health

Noticing Mental Health Disorders in Children

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Common Mental Health Disorders in Children

Many thanks to RBC for their support of children's mental health, Lutherwood and our community.

"Lutherwood assisted me greatly. I learned how to make a targeted resume and improve my interviewing skills. Even if I didn't get a job right away, I knew I would get the skills I needed to eventually get one."