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Job Searching from your Home Office

Social Networking
Social Networking

Now that you have the right workplace set up to be productive at home, let’s take it a step further and look at how you can maximize your new space and habits to help you continue your job search.

Create a Contact List - Start by looking at your email, phone contacts, or social media connections to see who you haven’t connected with recently. Send them a message or pick up the phone to check in on how they’re doing. Activating those dormant ties and re-establishing these contacts can have ripple effects of positivity on your mental health and awareness of information. The more you talk to people, the more you’ll learn what they know. After all, you’ve both spoken to different people and listened to different platforms.

Find Creative Ways to Connect -
Be proactive to find ways to connect with others in areas such as webinars, social media groups, or other chat functions. Technology allows endless ways to reach people and easily search for platforms that may provide recommendations or contacts to help you in your future efforts. Sites like eventbrite, EDC, Zoom, and LinkedIn can be great ways to start engaging in these types of opportunities!

Don’t Be Too Direct - Challenge your creativity to avoid asking questions like “do you know who is hiring?” Here’s a quick podcast link to help you in your professional development and growth by learning how to be a “glue person” or “winner takes all” in the job search market.

Make it Mutually Beneficial – Remember, people often want to help and want to connect as well, so taking the first step to create these partnerships could lead to future wins for both parties. Take the leap of action and you’ll be surprised how well it will go, and the more you do it the less nervous you’ll be each time. Like any skill, you just need to take time to practice.

"I used to blame my circumstances for who I am. Lutherwood helped me realize I have choices and then I became responsible for my life. I would be a different person today if I hadn't gone to Lutherwood and I will always be grateful."