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Front Door Expands its Quick Access Services

Front Door Quick Access Session
Front Door Quick Access Session

Front Door is the single point of access for children’s mental health in Waterloo Region. A partnership between Lutherwood and Camino, it offers options for quick access to single session walk-in services and, in some locations, walk-in appointment options.

The term Quick Access is a service that Front Door offers that allows children, youth and families instant access to single session counselling and referral resources based on their needs and where they live. Thanks to some recent government funding, Quick Access has been able to expand to add four new locations, bringing the total number of access points up to eleven.

These new locations; the Cambridge Christopher Chaplin YMCA, Waterloo Early Years Centre YMCA, the main downtown branch of the Kitchener Public Library and the Cambridge Library Idea Exchange, will now have a counsellor on site at specified hours available for walk-in appointments.

“Often times when families come to Front Door, they’re confused about how to access support,” said Heather Fedy, Director of Operations for Mental Health Services at Lutherwood. “We know there are gaps in service in the region, so anything we can do to get the service to families quickly and early on so that the issues don’t become more intensive, is why Quick Access centres are so important.”

Program Manager for Joint Initiatives Jennifer Jackson explained that these new centres will go beyond just helping the youth and their families. “It’s also for us to further explore how the system can meet their needs and reduce their overall stress, and helping families move to better.”

For more information about Front Door, Quick Access and how you can receive help, visit

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