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New to Canada? Here's how you can land your first job through LinkedIn!

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If you live in North America and are looking for a job or a new business opportunity, LinkedIn is almost mandatory. To give you an idea about the importance of LinkedIn, this professional social media outlet jumped from 37 million users in 2009 to 500 million users in 2017. And in December 2016, Microsoft paid 26.2 Billion dollars to acquire the company. It is unlikely that Bill Gates would invest in something that is not worth it, right?!

So, how can newcomers benefit from using LinkedIn? Here are some ways LinkedIn can help you get noticed:

Networking: LinkedIn makes it easy for job seekers to connect with employees of organizations that might be hiring or may know someone who is. 80% of jobs are filled without employers advertising and the possibility of connecting with these employers is one of the main benefits of LinkedIn. I landed my first job in Canada by using LinkedIn to network. Through LinkedIn’s search feature, I was able to find and introduce myself to an employee of a company I had recently applied to. The employee connected me with their Hiring Manager and as a result, I was able to send my resume directly to that person, making myself known to them.

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To “hunt” and to be “hunted”: By “hunt” I mean hunt for a job. Companies and recruiters are posting opportunities on LinkedIn every day that may not be advertised elsewhere, and in many cases, recruiters are asked by organizations to recommend someone for a certain position.  Once your LinkedIn Profile has been created, recruiters will have access to you. This is your chance to be “hunted,” which is why it is so important to build a killer profile. In the past, I have received two invitations for interviews from recruiters that found me on LinkedIn. Depending on your field and the number of job opportunities available, you could receive even more.

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Show of your skills: Another key to LinkedIn success is building credibility by showing off your knowledge and work related skills to prove that you know your stuff. LinkedIn is a community with people sharing and debating everyday within their field of expertise. This is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and expertise in your area of work, and become a familiar face in the LinkedIn community where you might be spotted by recruiters. Remember, you must always communicate professionally. LinkedIn is not just any social media network to share your everyday thoughts; it is your online resume. So think of what kind of impression you want to give your future employer.

If you don’t have a profile on LinkedIn yet, I strongly recommend building one. Unless you want to spend your time battling for the 20% advertised jobs with your competition. 

And remember, to receive free assistance with your job search, visit any Lutherwood Employment Services location.

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