“Everyone is just wonderful,” were the first words Doreen shared about the six tenants she received through Lutherwood’s PATHS2Home program. As a Superintendent for a small landlord with 56 units, she tried the program to fill a bachelor apartment in August of 2022, and ever since, when a bachelor or one-bedroom becomes available, her building management contacts the PATHS2Home team.

Doreen explained a key benefit to small landlords is having vacant units filled with a guaranteed rent deposit. More than that, she highlighted how well everyone fits into the building. Every tenant from the program has since transitioned off support and is at home. She described the apartments as well-maintained, quiet, and family oriented. “We’re a neighbourhood, and we like knowing we’re helping someone find a place to live.”

The PATHS2Home program helps individuals experiencing chronic homelessness find and maintain a home. This can include helping find available units, connecting with landlords, filling out rental applications, and providing first and last month’s rent. Once housed, individuals can receive home-based support to help with the transition.

This process was critical for Kim, who described finding a place to live in the current market as “virtually impossible,” without guidance. After unforeseen life events, she found herself experiencing situational homelessness, something she never thought would happen to her.

Kim reflected on the fear and insecurity she felt in not knowing what options and supports were available. She was skeptical of receiving assistance, and shared that she was happy to find out that our program follows a Housing First model. Once she experienced the process, she called the program a “lifesaver. Everyone is supportive and cooperative,” she shared, “they don’t do the work for you, you have to look for places yourself, but we worked together.”

“You never know where people are,” is Kim’s strongest, lasting reflection from this time in her life. “I used to judge, and now I know differently.”