Dorothy Knipfel

Dorothy Knipfel was someone who cared so deeply for Lutherwood and our work that she was involved from the years the organization was created in 1967 until she passed away in 2022.

Relationships are the fuel that sustains Lutherwood and our relationship with Dorothy was wonderful. She and her husband, Harold, were there when the first building was constructed in the late 1960s on Benjamin Road. She faithfully supported us through continued friendship and substantial gifts over the subsequent years. When we were planning to build Luther Village on the Park in the 1990s and didn’t have enough money to buy the land, Dorothy gave us a very substantial loan because she believed in us. It’s quite likely the Village would not exist today without her.

Years later in 2010 when we expanded the building on Benjamin Road, Dorothy was the first to make a lead donation so we could get started on our dream of fighting mental health stigma and better serving kids with mental health issues.

Dorothy’s life was not an easy one. She lost her husband, Harold, early on and eventually her two children as well. But Dorothy’s faith and strong spirit always kept her going and she found joy in the smallest things.

I was honoured to have known Dorothy for many years as were some other staff who worked with us. She was one of the strongest and most steadfast people I’ve ever met, often giving us wise advice and practical support whenever we needed it.

Dorothy was true to us to the end. When she passed away, she left the Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation themost significant legacy gift we’ve ever received. Her wish was that it be used to help children with mental health challenges.

And so, we honour Dorothy Knipfel, a precious and dear friend, and lasting part of our history.

– John Colangeli, CEO